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It was in church basements, in recovery meetings gathered (mostly) sitting in circles, where I heard about miracles. Hot off the press! Their honesty helped me more than sitting in rows upstairs ever had. They shared about the Direct Connect they had to God, and they became Divine Connections for me because they made it safe to share even the most embarrassing, frightening things about my personal life.

Over 25 years, this level of honesty ruined me for anything less. So I found some women who, like me through recovery, had entered conversational relationship with the Maker of the Entire Universe. Women who know the Higher Power personally — and by Name. Twelve years ago, we started gathering in small groups to invite Christ to lead us and guide us. We are still gathering: In tiny groups. Sitting around someone’s kitchen table or somebody else’s living room.

We called these RIB Groups: Recovery in the Bible for Women (RIB). People ask me where I attend church, and I say, “The Church of the New Covenant.”  “Where is that?”, they ask.  My reply, “Anywhere two or three are gathered together in His Name… there He is in the midst!”

In recent months, I opened a cyber group on Facebook called RIB (Recovery in the Bible for Women) and a Twitter account called @WhitneyMcKMoore. I am active in several communities on Google+.


The books I write encourage people to seek God’s help in facing and overcoming their problems.  At this time, I have ten titles all of which are available on Kindle as well as in hard copy.  Visit my store for more details or to place an order.  

Whit's End - Click here to purchase.

Whit’s End   

My testimony of becoming a born-again Christian through the Twelve Steps of recovery. 

BS-Busters - Click here to purchase.


A collection of Bible Studies using objects to break the ice and engage women in honest conversation around God’s Word.  To find out more, visit the BS-Busters website.  

Downloads from God - Click here to purchase.

Downloads from God  

A daily reader of 365 entries from my first-thing-in-the-morning Quiet Times.

Contemporary Psalms - Click here to purchase.

Contemporary Psalms   

Another daily reader, a companion volume for Downloads from God, this one containing 365 entries of gratitude and joy in morning.

God Can - Click here to purchase.

God Can!   

Twelve parables and proofs that, with God, all things are possible.

Cures for Chaos - Click here to purchase.

Cures for Chaos   

An approach for plucking the family “nest” based on Scripture.

Anna Louise James - What Did It Take - Click here to purchase.

What Did It Take?   

A true story, written for middle school girls, that shows what it takes to make an impossible dream come true.

What the Conductor Said - Click here to purchase.

What the Conductor Said   

A collection of narrative poetry showing the difference between “life” and Fullness of Life in Christ.

Dilly Dreams - Click here to purchase.

Dilly Dreams 1   

The Adventurous Dreams of a Girl Named Matilda, written and illustrated for girls 8-10 years old.

Dilly Dreams 2 - Click here to purchase.

Dilly Dreams 2   

Night School is the same story as Volume 1 (above) but featuring vibrant art work for grown-ups who are still young at heart.

Praise in the Storm

Praise in the Storm

LOOKING FOR NUGGETS? This book is based on my stories — that is to say, on the circumstances and trials that were given to me through my experience. Keeping that in mind, if you can find one nugget of truth in these pages that changes your life, then this book will have been worth your reading. You may not agree with everything I have written here, but looking for nuggets may lead you to something that resonates profoundly. If so, this book was written for you.



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ratings: 33 (avg rating 4.82)
What Did It Take?: The Story of Anna Louise James What Did It Take?: The Story of Anna Louise James
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Downloads from God Downloads from God
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BS-Busters: Breakthrough Bible Studies BS-Busters: Breakthrough Bible Studies
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Night School: Dreams for Children of All Ages Night School: Dreams for Children of All Ages (Dilly Dreams, #2)
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