I always loved campfires: sitting around them in the night, telling stories and singing in harmony. For me, I live at the intersection of SING and TELL. It’s my favorite kind of campfire.

My book Whit’s End: Breakdown to Breakthrough shares the story of what a mess I was facing until I learned to take off my God Suit. My blog posts continue the story in the present tense.

Twelve-Step meetings reminded me of campfires because of the deep things we shared and sang about when we gathered. When I first entered the rooms of recovery, what I heard there sounded completely foreign. It was as if I had enrolled in some alternate course of Driver’s Ed. I was being handed a whole new set of driving instructions exhorting me to unlearn all I had considered The Rules of the Road. A few examples:

  • To YIELD before God (Steps 1, 2, 3).
  • To GO directly to God with all my concerns (Steps 4-11).
  • To STOP for anyone seeing their need for God (Step 12).

My Step Eleven gradually led me to open the Bible, which became for me Basic Information Before Leaving Earth (and the ultimate Driver’s Manual). In 1999, God spoke to me through it as follows: “Tell of My works and sing My praises.” This clicked with me instantly, and then came the phrase Recovery in the Bible (RIB). “RIB” has been my message ever since.

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