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Breakdown to Breakthrough?

YAY and thanks to many of you, I have just re-issued this book on Amazon with a subtitle to reflect how POSITIVE and HOPEFUL this book is for anyone daunted by the challenges they are facing. Here’s the Amazon Books url:

What If?

Isaiah proclaims WOE to those who call evil “good,” who live in the midst of error thinking they are on the moral high ground, never questioning, never wondering “What if?” What if my opinions are wrong not right, bitter not sweet, false not true? What if the poison of asps was under my father’s lips Read More …


For me, trust was a huge issue: I had none! I had distrust instead, and for plenty of perfectly understandable reasons. I had grown up living with daily declarations that everything was FINE, though clearly, everything was NOT. I felt like the little kid in the story about the Emperor’s new clothes, and a cynical Read More …