I am a born-again woman in recovery trying to practice "saying what I mean, meaning what I say, and not saying it mean."   I am available, and I love it when we get to encourage one another!  And so, here we are: offering honest questions, hoping for honest replies. The Question Corner is a safe place to help one another seek our Highest Power's wisdom for our everyday, ordinary lives.

What is Christ-Centered Recovery?

What is Divine Intervention? (Steps 1, 2, 3)

What is a Direct Connect? (Steps 4 - 11)

What are Divine Connections? (Step 12)

What Is The Question Corner?

Photograph by Eric Jonas Swensson of Sound Shore Media

Recovery led me into a Direct Connect with the Maker of the Universe and to realize that God was giving me Divine Connections to others who would encourage and edify me — and vice versa. Comments and conversations — even confusion if we encounter it. My goal is a Question Corner that will be a safe place for seeking God’s wisdom in our lives — and for receiving it by His Grace.