Write It Down?

This is my weekly invitation to share favorite quotes as “Snippets That Inspire.” Today’s selection is from a book called “No More Words” by Reeve Lindberg as follows:

“Write it down!” our mother had told us whenever we said something that particularly interested or touched her: write down that sharp insight, that funny story, that especially appealing turn of phrase. She taught us that any experience worth living was worth writing about, but beyond this, she made us feel that the act of writing about it significantly affected the experience itself. I did not know whether writing enhanced an event, transforming it into something more important than it would have been had it gone unrecorded, or whether writing simply made it more real, like the testimony of an obsevant bystander who can confirm that, yes, something has indeed happened here: I am a witness, and this is what I saw.

Please feel free to share YOUR favorite quotes and excerpts. Meanwhile my thanks to someone on Twitter called Writing and Editing for posting this image!

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