Realistic or Negative?

To me, BIBLE = Basic Information Before Leaving Earth, and reading it has led me to discover God’s point of view as quite different from what comes naturally. Its first few pages show how humanity got stained (cursed actually) originally, and its last pages show how that curse gets reversed. To me, that’s good news. And that good news counters the bad news! It assures me as I watch and wait through this life for the next.

Not everybody agrees. In fact, two people in the last few days have told me that seems negative. Both used the identical wording and said, “You’ve got to keep the faith; you have to have hope!” I replied, “That is hope!”

I have blessed assurance that Christ came to reverse the curse and that all will be well eventually. Do you think that sounds negative — or realistic? Chime in if you care to share!

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