Hope With A Track Record?

I do not believe “Whit’s End” is a book for everyone. Mainly, it seems to be for people facing the need to make serious changes. People like me. Someone(s) needing proof that it is possible to reverse course and start life all over again.

Divine Reversal is my story. And if there were a genre for such a thing, it would be called “Stories of Divine Reversals.” I wrote mine with rigorous honesty to ascribe all the glory to God, the Highest Power, and to call The Highest Power by name.

I think what readers take away from this book is inspiration to leap in faith. People tell me it’s like a seeing a snapshot of what it looks like to reverse the curse. It proves that Divine Reversals still happen; it’s a picture of hope with a track record. LOOK INSIDE “Whit’s End: Breakdown to Breakthrough” at Amazon Books which you can access here on my website by clicking on the tab for STORE.


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