A New Song?

Saul of Tarsus ended up with a whole new identity, as I have, too. My name is new; my former self has been erased and replaced. Completely. God says His name for me is “Mine” and sings to me:

”I will change your name. You shall be longer be called Wounded, Outcast, Lonely or Afraid. I will change your name. Your new name shall be Confidence, Joyfulness, Overcoming One, Faithfulness, Friend of God, One Who Seeks My Face.”

Sometimes it is hard to hold onto that Truth, as shared by T. Austin-Sparks based on Mark 9:24 (I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief). He writes, “Here is something that you and I must dwell upon. Personally, I am constantly brought to this: I have not yet learnt thoroughly to believe what I believe in! I believe in the finished work of Christ, yet sometimes I am just as miserable about myself as any man could be. I am often almost at the point of giving up because of what a wretched kind of thing I am. If there is anything in this world that would cause me to give up the Christian ministry, it is myself. Do you understand what I mean? Oh, how we are discouraged by what we find in ourselves! And so, we don’t believe what we believe in. We believe in the finished work of Christ, and that God puts all that finished work to our account. God does not see us in ourselves – He sees us in Christ….We don’t believe that! If we really did, we would be delivered from ourselves and would indeed be triumphant Christians.”

This idea is echoed in Celebrate Recovery’s page for today that says, when this happens, “We are free to be who God created us to be… no longer shackled by past hurts and habits.” No matter how hard it is to embrace, this is True and Real. It helps me to move things like this from my head into my heart by singing them, so I made a recording of the above song, “I Will Change or Name.” Chime in if you want me send it to you so you can sing along.

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