Seeing Is Believing?

There was a Father’s Day when I listened through the screened porch door as our son talked with his Dad about saying goodbye to his childhood home. Note the box of Kleenex, of which they both used plenty. It was the sweetest thing to overhear these two excellent men sharing their feelings.

It was also miraculous because, for the first twenty years of our marriage, my husband and I had been the “black sheep of the non-family” in declaring our marriage “child-free” instead of “childless.” God mercifully intervened to reveal our Zelda-and-Scott-type lifestyle: first offering sobriety, and then, this amazing child, now grown into a truly lovely person. I wrote a book about this Divine Reversal (and others that have happened since). If you or someone you know could use some encouragement about now, you might want to take a look at “Whit’s End: Breakdown to Breakthrough” via this link:

FYI, that very same day, a Song Sister sent me lyrics to “Looking Out My Back Door” by Creedance Clearwater Revival. That is my title for this photograph!

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