Same Place?

I noticed something in the Gospels today that I’ve never noticed before about Peter’s denial of Christ and where that rooster crowed. It happened outside, obviously, in a courtyard; that much I knew. But I’d never envisioned the building as a public place like a courthouse until I read that Jesus was interviewed by Annas first and then sent (aka down the hall) to Caiaphas for a separate hearing. A separate courtroom? Clearly, Jesus didn’t leave that building until He was referred to Pilate by Caiaphas. That’s when He was led away to the Praetorium through the courtyard and past Peter. That’s where Peter denies Him yet again, and then, the rooster crows.

Can I end up in the same place, albeit unwittingly? It is ominous to me that a mob is following the Prisoner. They may have titles (after all, they are the official chief priests); they may be learned; they may be sincere, but so was Hitler: sincerely wrong. Ditto the chief priests, who knew the letter of the law, but missed the Spirit entirely.

How do YOU assess and check and test and tell? Chime in if you care to share!

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