An Actual Person?

Some think of Jesus as seated far away on a distant throne, but I don’t. To me, He is real and alive. Does that sound presumptuous? Not to God, who sent Him to make a Way where there was no way.

Once spiritual senses were imparted to me, I was able to see Him and ask Him all kinds of questions and receive His replies. It’s access to Heaven’s help!

It is a relationship that is interactive, conversational, and vital. When I don’t know what to do (which is often), I tend to be like Gideon, bringing fleeces and setting them out before Him. I wait and then I watch as I wait, looking and listening with spiritual senses for His replies. At times, it is hilarious how He will communicate with me, speaking in ways that are weirdly specific to how I am wired.

I guess it’s because He’s the One who did the wiring. Care to share? If so, chime in!

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