Righteous Judgment?

According to Jesus, there is such a thing as “righteous judgment.” His words: see John 7:24. Another example: where He warns us to remove the “log” from our own eye before focusing on a speck in the eye of someone else (see Matthew 7:1-5).

It is, apparently, A-OK to differentiate right from wrong, which is not to forbid or censor or shun or execute someone but for crime. “Love and let live” seems to mean that it’s between each one of us and God, which (for me) takes all the pressure off. Now I know to simply pray for God to make a Way, because He’s got it all in Hand.

My thanks to Harris Rosenberg for posting this image. It inspires me to consider how tiny I am: perhaps like a drop in the ocean, yet God knows my every need. Perhaps our world is also like a drop in the ocean of the universe, or even of universe(s). Yet nothing is too small for God to Handle.

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