A Club of Bad Things?

Why do bad things happen? I remember that question was a book title once, and (it seems) it crosses just about everybody’s mind in the course of life. Now that I’ve had 72 years to think about it, I am realizing that adversity os what exposed to me my need for God. I didn’t know I needed God until I needed God. I’m starting to think that nobody does.

Recently, I learned about another book on that very subject called “Beauty in the Broken” by Allison Pataki, who claims that “bad things” happen to everybody; that no one gets through life unscathed. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I know it was (and is) true for me. The test of my relationship with God was revealed precisely there: in times of trouble.

Trouble is what drove me to my knees, to cry out, to ask for help and rescue. Trouble is what catapulted me to shriek for God and to discover hat God draws nigh to anyone who draws nigh unto Him. I wrote a book about the trials that led me (1) to get to know God, (2) to discern God’s Voice from all the rest; and (3) to choose to follow God’s Way as it was gradually revealed. That book (“Whit’s End: Breakdown to Breakthrough”) tells that God’s great big tests for me were (and are) given as negatives that can become positive. My testimony, aka my mess (and yours) can become a Message to bring hope to others who are suffering now.

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