Group Conscience?

Ever heard of taking a “group conscience” in a recovery meeting? It is so easy to get busy taking our own personal inventories, we can forget to take inventory of the meeting(s) we attend. How long has it been since your group took its own temperature?

For me, the prospect always sounds scary. It’s not the idea of expressing our ideas that’s scary; it is the prospect of conflict arising. How pleasantly surprised I always am when sharing our concerns and gratitude(s) turns out to be just like having our regular weekly meeting. It’s no less safe, plus it clears the path on which God enters. It always feels good after pulling up the weeds that were starting to choke the Way.

Are you caught in briars and brambles? If so, you might ask: how long has it been since your meeting took a group conscience? Chime in if you care to share. My thanks to “Writing and Editing” on Twitter for posting this cute group!

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