Another Great Heap?

I just recently noticed the frequency of the word “heaps” in the Old Testament. In reading the Book of Joshua, the phrase “water in a heap” describes their crossing of the River Jordan (Joshua 3:16). Afterwards, that crossing is memorialized (in Joshua 4:2-9) by twelve stones, whole stones, that are ” there to this day.” Later, in Joshua 7:26, the consequence of Achan’s sin is memorialized by “a heap of stones, still there today.”

Pun intended, a “grave” echo resounds (in Joshua 8:28-29) when they hang the king of Ai and cast his corpse at the entrance to the city, raising over it “great heap of stones that remains to this day.” Whole stones are used when Joshua builds in Joshua 8:30.

I offer this observation in the present tense because I believe the ancient stories are still true. They have been applicable for me in my real life. What about you? Chime in if you care to share! FYI, this photograph was posted on Twitter by Freaking Awesome.

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