Both Tell and Don’t Tell?

The Holy Spirit seems to me to be like an umbilical cord, connecting to Christ through whom I have everything I need. It is assurance to know that I can ask and listen for God’s answer, even if that answer is different from His answer to another. The Gospels show me that (sometimes) Jesus directs a person to tell of their healing, but other times, He heals and says DON’T tell.

So which is it? Or does it depend?

Apparently, it depends, because (for example) Jesus freed Legion and told him to tell, but when He raised a little girl from death, He told the people NOT to tell. Then, just before He ascended into Heaven, He said to go and tell everybody! So go figure.

I believe these examples show me why stewarding a personal relationship with Christ is like my Lifeline and needs to be First and Foremost. So, I daily connect, getting to know Him and His still small Voice of Calm. When His answer tarries, I wait (there’s a slogan in recovery that says, “When in doubt, don’t” and that has been wisdom for me). So I wait until I know that I know, and then I go (or don’t go) accordingly.

If God says GO THERE, I will go there; I will go there, Lord! Like Ezekiel in the valley, I will speak Life to the dry bones, singing: “They will live, Lord, these bones shall live! They will live, Lord, these bones shall live! They will live, Lord, these bones shall live! They will live, Lord, in Your Name!”

Chime in if you care to share, especially now, as we are waiting for the wall to fall. Sing with me to remember how Jericho came a’tumbling down. FYI, this photograph was posted on Twitter by Land of Cuteness.

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