Ruined By Real?

It was not until God led me into 12-Step recovery that I ever heard what honesty sounds like. There, for the first time in my entire life, I met people who were “airing their dirty laundry.” In my family of origin, that was verboten! Ditto for the families of my friends and neighbors. Therefore, it was new-news to me that there were others suffering just like I was.

Hearing such wholehearted, vulnerable “shares” was edifying. My trust in God increased as I heard what God can do if allowed. Recovery was a safe place to share because, they told me, “What you SAY here will STAY here.”

Longtimers and an excellent sponsor helped me learn to take off my God Suit so the miracles could begin. And they did, and they do, and today, my sharing is all about the ongoing Hand of God in my little life, in my little family, in my little corner of the world.

Now I am living “Spirit-Led” instead of “man-handled” thanks to the encouragement of Step Five, which helped me to get real with God, with myself, and with others who are committed to doing the same. And it helps me stay that way.

It seems I am ruined for anything less. I understand that have no control over other people, places, and things. Thankfully, however, I am free to manage my own time and my particular priorities, and so I do. I am surprised at my level of commitment to seeking intimacy (aka INTO ME SEE). What a gift it is to see that stewardship of my life means refusing to settle for less. What about you? Chime in if you care to share!

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  1. This was such a beautiful learning for me Whit. Thank you for your wisdom that God imparts on you and the sharing you do with others…HONESTY is such a hard thing to be, but in CHRIST He makes it easy.

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