To me, these words suggest that all the awareness and all the scary statistics will never defeat addiction. Addiction is dis-ease. Apparently, there are those who can’t stand being in their own skin (which happened recently to me when Shingles pain became excruciating and would not stop). From that experience, plus years of loving active alcoholics, I know that safe, honest relationships provide avenues that lead from despair into the way out.

Our own little nuclear family might have blown up a long time ago if we had not honored our need for rigorous honesty. Among us three, no subject is verboten; there is nothing about which we cannot share from the heart. What a gift that is! For me, Step Five opened the gift. GETTNG REAL (with God, with myself, and with other people) opens the difficult pathways and keeps us safe no matter where they lead.

My thanks to Rehabs 411 on Facebook for this image. Chime in if you care to share!

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