Less or More?

In recent weeks, the Lord has encouraged me that repentance is not something I need to do by myself. He is there to help me face and name my baggage (as you can see in this picture, I have a lot).

This image shows me that His goal is not just to reveal. More than anything, He wants to heal. My footwork is to follow Him as He opens the pathways. I am to go through the swath. This is not a dash through the weeds, which is the way I’ve tended to do things in the past. Instead, He is leading me to be active, more like a verb, and the verb is process.

I need to PROCESS the baggage. He will lead me and strengthen me to let Him open each suitcase and wash everything in it. It’s deep work, so it’s even better than just clean clothes. Once I have seen and sorrowed, He carries it away!

What is your experience with lots of baggage? Chime in if you have something to say.

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