Cracked Open?

I can tell you that functional alcoholism is an insidious thing to live with, and I can also attest that it tried to convince me it was no problem at all. For years. Until it was, and then it WAS. And it was so much smarter than I: it was sneering, cunning, baffling. It was vicious! It was virulent! And it was contagious!

I learned that addiction had lured me into obsession over someone else’s addiction, which became its own form of addiction: a detour (at least) and complete derailment (at worst) from my own life’s purpose.
Eventually, it broke me. Into smithereens. Which is how I learned that I was like an egg: useless until broken. I wrote about this in a book called “Whit’s End: Breakdown to Breakthrough” which I published to offer hope for others suffering now as I was then. It is written for anyone who might now be living with the effects of loving an addict.

If you or someone you know could use a dose of hope right now, you might want to take at “Whit’s End: Breakdown to Breakthrough” here on my website under the tab for STORE that links you to Amazon Books.

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