Who Is Whom and What Is What?

Eyeopeners today! Suddenly it seems so clear: the issue is not whether God loves me (or you or any of us); its whether or not I love God. How can I tell one from the other and which one I am? The answer is coming to me in the form of two questions:

(1) Am I free of confusion and chaos, even when I am surrounded by both? (2) Or not?

Could it be this simple? Chime in if you care to share!

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  1. I love that He is never not with us… that He abides in me as I abide in Him now that I am born-again, praise God. But I sure can fall for voices other than His! That’s why I pray for His discernment by the Holy Spirit, Who connects me directly to the Body of Christ like an umbilical cord, at least that’s the way I picture it. The phrase “in Christ” has helped me so much! Though I am on earth, I actually live in Christ. In Him, I live and move and have my being. Reading the Bible helps me discern whether or not what I am hearing lines up with the Word Writ. I seek confirmation via Scripture(s),plus wise counsel from other born-again, Spirit-led believers.

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