Three Arks?

Noah’s Ark carried enough “seed” to re-populate the planet after God washed it clean. The Ark of the Covenant preserved God’s story of salvation (His Story) for human life. The Ark of the New Covenant is the Person of Jesus, in whom we freely live and move and have our being — or not. Am I ready for whatever happens next? Yes, because of at least three facts:

  • My human nature has been replaced by the God’s gift of the Holy Spirit. I have been given second nature: life in Christ and by His Holy Spirit.
  • In the ark of Christ, I am carried through earth’s raging seas, living in the world but no longer of it.
  • I feel joyful and safe and free from futility as I learn to go for the ride, doing what I can and not what I cannot.

Today, I hear Him saying, “This ark is not a religion; religion is too hard. I don’t want slaves; I want friends.” Chime in as to what you are hearing today!

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