Just Coffee?

The Lord recently led me to a meeting of Celebrate Recovery, where I have found my peeps: born-again women who are working the Twelve Steps to apply the Word in real life. What a gift to find a safe place (1) for prayer and (2) to share as grateful believers in Jesus Christ. Today’s daily reading talked about my morning coffee, which is close to an idol in my daily life! The writer says, “It’s coffee… it’s temporary…” It encourages me to focus on things with eternal significance.” Temporary or eternal? Chime in if you care to share!

3 Comments on “Just Coffee?

  1. Yes sir, thanks for the comment (you really GET my metaphors). This is to verify that I got it and approved it as well!

  2. Welcome back “RIB” to cyberspace. Java has a dual purpose; it is a programming language used for internet energy spice code and is also coffee beverage used for daily bodily energy. The double shot. Our true energy source comes from the Holy Spirit from within our hearts the Lord provides. Although we need the java double shot to use in our world, it’s the God Energy that is our eternal source of power and strength that ultimately gets through this life here on planet earth to the eternal life in To Heaven.

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