Is This a LOT of Mercy?

How did Lot end up as mayor of a city like Sodom? I don’t know, but there he is, sitting in the city entrance, when three angels show up to spend the night. Lot is located (literally) between the holy men and the unholy town he leads. “Horrifying” is the only word that describes what happens next, and “Divine Intervention” is the only thing that prevents him from throwing his daughters to the lusting mob.

How could this “man of mixture” be spared punishment? Again, I don’t know, but there he is, a sinner being led to safety. To me, Lot’s “lot” shows God’s mercy for any heart that inclines to Him. God knows how to lead someone from Shame, through Sorrow, and into Safety. I am grateful for Step Ten, which helps me assess my walk and confess promptly when I go wrong. It is shocking how abundantly available God’s forgiveness is; there is a catch, however: It is not automatic.

Know what I mean? Chime in if you care to share! FYI, this image was posted on Twitter by Todd Trotter. Thanks, Todd!

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