Breakdown to Breakthrough?


As you may know, I decided to re-issue “Whit’s End” because the original subtitle made the book sound depressing, when really, it’s just the opposite. This new cover better conveys that it’s victory story, one that puts hope on the table for anyone facing the need to make serious changes in life.

Through the wise counsel of Tom Blubaugh and Gina Burgess at the Authors Community, this edition has replaced the former, though both editions are still available at Amazon Books. FYI, here are some of the comments that readers have posted as reviews:


Whit’s End is essentially the author’s story of her journey through life and the many obstacles within. It is a frank and vivid look into love and addition told with heartbreaking honesty and self-introspection. You will become Whitney’s closest confidante through her realization that addiction is a family disease, her breakdown, and her ultimate trust and acceptance of God’s help. For anyone living in the shadows of addiction, Whit’s End is simply a “must read.”

-Marian R. Abdelnour, Old Greenwich, Connecticut


I found this book compelling and moving. I’m a start-and-stop reader and have finished only a handful of books started. Loved Whit’s End and the fact that I read it from start to finish speaks volumes for it… pun intended.

       -Peter Brooks, Sydney, Australia


Well, this story is courageous and a good read. Once I began, I did not put it down. Filled with a true search for truth, Whitney captures God’s grace to search for us. Read it, and dare to ask God, are you real? See what happens. Thanks for this powerful testimony.

-Jean Corrao, Old Lyme, Connecticut


It is therapeutic to read a refreshingly honest and real story like Whit’s End in a time when everyone is busy making their life look better than yours on social media. Whitney walks you through their life sharing, accepting, and embracing all the perfect and not-so-perfect moments and decisions. I highly recommend the book to every one of my friends.

       -Andras Holczinger, Budapest, Hungary


“Whit’s End, The Biography of a Breakthrough” reads with a continuity that allows the reader to flow along with the author’s recovery, as if in a side car. It allows the reader to be the viewer of her life without having to feel like they must do the same, but instead gives a glimpse of the possibilities. It provides a very non-threatening way to observe how undoing one’s own story may actually be worth the journey; seeing how peeling through each layer of our lives can actually be tolerable and, surprise (!) make it possible to enjoy all of life’s challenges as we allow ourselves to be led to a more rewarding and wonderful place.

-Susan I. Cross, San Diego, California


I met Whitney on Facebook where all new friends mostly put their best faces to each other. Her love of the Lord and His word, and the wisdom of her blogging dog, Roobie, got me hooked on her writing, and before I knew it, she had a book out about her life. Her doting father was a doctor who taught his kids to sail. Her hurting mother was a singer who stopped singing. Whitney and her husband enjoyed their many friends at the daily cocktail hour with social drinking. But the time came when the unpredictability she found so charming in her father was more frightening in her husband. At the time when the Lord was showing Whitney what things like communion and resurrection really meant, her husband lost his job. Whitney tried to stay in control of the problem, but it didn’t work. Through their separate responses to addiction, love kept them together, and 12-Step meetings kept them focused. It took years and a first pregnancy when she was in her mid-40s, before Whitney could “let go and let God. I recommend this book with its hope and its food for thought.

       -Nancy Sween, Shawnee Mission, Kansas

I am grateful for these and the other many ratings and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Hopefully, they will encourage you to take a LOOK INSIDE this book yourself to see if it might help you or someone you love. Link by clicking the tab for STORE on the menu above.

2 Comments on “Breakdown to Breakthrough?

  1. Thank you so much, Budd. That is really encouraging to hear. I spent a decade reducing my story from 450 pages down to the distillation you just finished reading. It is good to know the extract was a concentrate and not just diffusion!

  2. Whitney, As you know I’ve read your book and found it to be one of the biographies I’ve ever read. Your God inspired book melded with in your face, honesty is so very refreshing. God has truly gifted you with many talents, most of which is being able to articulate how brokenness and addiction can be renewed in a true relationship with the Creator and our Lord. May God continue to bless you and your gifts to reach more and more people struggling to find out who they are through Christ. Amen!

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