How Can You Love Someone You Don’t Know?

A friend recently exclaimed, “Why can’t we all just love God and live our lives?” An answer is starting to dawn on me, and it’s taking the form of another question: “How can we love someone we don’t know?”

For me, getting to know God has had to come the hard way. I first discovered GOD in a Gift of Desperation way back in 1983, when distress caused me to cry out in anguish and God answered me audibly with two words: “Psalm Three.” Which I read and prayed back as a request and promptly fell asleep for the first time in three nights.

Then again and countless times again, God has answered my cries for help down here. Most recently, when pain from Shingles was piercing me from back to front, God imparted His Power to endure. Utter powerlessness seems to be the necessary condition for growing my faith. It’s how I’ve gotten to know Him; it’s how I’ve learned to trust Him; it’s why I actually love this Person who is invisible yet fully Present.

Chime in if you care to share. FYI, this photograph was posted on Twitter by Welcome to Nature.

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