Starting with R?

This morning, Jesus said, “My Word is a lamp to guide your feet and to light your path before you so you can find your way.” I received this in the “Quiet Time” that Shira Garnett calls “Coffee With Jesus” which He offers so we can get to know Him.

It has turned out to be an oasis of Refuge and Reflection, of Reading and Recording and Requesting that is Relaxing and Re-assuring. Wow, have a few R’s! Chime in to add R’s of your own!

FYI, this image was posted by Marilyn Davis who curates two excellent websites: Two Drops of Ink ( and From Addict To Advocate ( I recommend both sites highly, especially if you are ever interested Guest Blogging. Check it out!

1 Comment on “Starting with R?

  1. Redemption, Rebirth or Reborn, Remain and Respond to Him in all matters weighing on your heart. For, He sees our heart. Psalm 130:3,4 “If thou, Lord, should mark inequalities, O’Lord, who shall stand? But there is forgiveness with Thee, that Thou mayest be feared.” Your fear of being wrong, My child, shows you are not living by grace, but by works.

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