Blinking Through the Peepholes?

As a rather intellectual/cerebral person, I was accustomed to thinking it presumptuous for us (mere mortals) ever to deign that we could know the Will of God.

Presumptuous? What if it’s not only possible, but actually the Will of God for us to know the Will of God? And not only that: what if God’s Will is for us to know God personally, interactively, actively?

I’m thinking about “The Screwtape Letters” and Wormwood’s claim that such notions are pathetic. Hallucinations. What if we have black sacks pulled over our heads and we are hoodwinked, standing bereft on the shore, blinking through the peepholes?

What if we CAN know? How could we know that we could know? Just asking. Chime in if you care to share!

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