Great Pretending?

Something I heard early in recovery was, “Don’t compare your insides with everybody’s else outsides.” So many of us were taught to put on a happy face (or at least to hide the dirty laundry). It was amazing for me to hear them call this “Looking-Goodism.”

“Looking-Goodism.” is its name, and I had it, along with other ‘‘ism’s’” that ride on Alcoholism, which I was surprised to learn, is a disease. Dis-ease. And a contagious one at that. Highly contagious.

I wrote about this in a book called “Whit’s End: Breakdown to Breakthrough.” It is my way of sharing how alcoholism affects everyone who loves the addict, whether family or loved ones. If you are suffering because of addiction in a relative or friend, take a LOOK INSIDE at Amazon Books or on my website. Here’s the link:


FYI, this photograph was posted on Facebook by Sheila Walsh.

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  1. I heard my dad tell me once when I had a troubled heart to “stuff it.” Well, that meant I was to hide the problem. Christ does not expect us to hide anything; He knows everything anyway, so why pretend the problem doesn’t exist? This seems to be an old-fashioned way to avoid becoming bitter, angry or some other negative way to behave. We need to not “stuff it” or it will eat us from the “outside in.” God wants to know everything on our hearts so our souls can be cleansed.

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