Eternal What?

Such basic questions: the purpose of life, of being here, of living on Earth until we die, and then what? Will we consider such questions, or will we go shopping instead?

Plato said humans will do anything except philosophy (aka anything but seek wisdom). Perhaps it’s because we trust the visible world and its tangible tools more than the invisible world with its spiritual ones. But oh, nay nay, because science itself eliminates “nothingness” as an option. For instance, by the Law of Conservation of Energy and Matter, we know that a tangible (like water) always exists whether liquid, or steam, or ice. It takes different forms, but it never goes away. Why would we be any different?

Chime in if you enjoy sitting under this kind of tree, if you like exploring this kind of question. FYI, this photograph was posted on Twitter by I Love Nature.

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