Do The Willows Weep?

This past weekend, we unwrapped our Christmas decorations, including a simple creche that came from my childhood home. Then this photograph arrived via email: a picture of another creche from another home, the home of friends so close to one another that we are like family.

I always loved their nativity scene, which is a “Willow” collection. Today, that very word evokes memories of all the Weeping Willows in the town where I grew up. In my mind, I wander (with my dog) back into the cat tails and past the myrtle and honeysuckle and bleeding hearts… And I wonder as I wander: do the willows weep?

I know I do. It’s a bittersweet time of year that many in recovery call “The Hellidays.” But today I have a Good News report from my personal health department: a new med seems to be addressing my nerve pain, which might be the best Christmas present ever.

Chime in if you care to share. This is a safe place to engage with rigorous honesty. Please do!

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