What Would You Change About You?

A fourth interesting question from the list of Interesting Questions that I posted on November 5th. Here’s my personal answer to this one, in hopes of stimulating thoughtful consideration. One thing I would change about myself is this: I would like to lose my fear of here!

Physical Pain. As I type this post, I am entering another day with the physical pain of Shingles that broke (out of nowhere) in the middle of Monday night. I recognized the shooting pangs because I’d had Shingles once before, in 1979, forty years ago. And sure enough, there it was: the rash that I remembered well. It hurts. A lot. And was already bigger and redder than it had been when I was thirty-two. The difference now, though, is that I have a Personal relationship with God through Christ. Why then do I fear?

Mob Violence. Another fear of here is how easy it is to incite rage, even with a lie. “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller made this vividly clear. As I watch protesters surrounding (and shrieking at) people with whom they disagree, I cringe. Breaking and damaging. The maddening crowd. Thank God this county is not a pure democracy because the majority is not always correct. Think mobocracy. Think lemmings.

That’s why I fear here. But even in today’s pain and violence, I am consoled. I have an excellent husband, our excellent son, even a doctor who was able to squeeze me in right away. I see God’s favor, even in the midst of all this trouble.

For example, I have already started taking the enormous anti-virus pills that are so big, I can’t swallow them whole (they look like bombs). I am getting them down by breaking them into little-bitty-bits and sprinkling them into applesauce. God’s idea.

Which is why I need not fear here. I’m working on it, remembering the slogan, “Faith is fear that has said its prayers.” What think you? Chime in if you care to share!

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