What Do You Like Most About You?

Another interesting question, the third from the list of ten Interesting Questions that I shared on November 5th. This one is challenging (they all are). Nevertheless, here’s my personal answer in hopes of stirring the pot:

I like that I finally comprehend the difference between works that are “for God” versus works that are “of God.” Living by the Holy Spirit (instead of my old self) is leading me to “bring and sing” using voice and pen. It seems that my primary purpose is to share the “new song” God put my mouth. It’s a song of praise to God, and I believe it is the reason I’m alive. What I like most about me is my embrace of God’s Power (instead of mine) to carry it out.

What about you? Chime in if you care to share! FYI, this image was posted on Twitter by Merel.

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