What Are Your Three Greatest Strengths?

This is the first of ten questions from a list I posted yesterday in a blog entitled “Interesting  Questions?” I have been working on my answers for about two weeks, but the first answer emerged quite quickly. Why? I think because I practically live in Gratitude. I have garnered so many miracles since I started 12-Step Recovery, and my Gratitude List keeps on growng as miracles keep on happening. In the present tense. Maybe that’s why it’s called the Present. Anyway, I think my first strength is Gratitude.

Standing on that foundation (of great and growing Gratitude), my faith has increased and strengthened on the basis of personal evidence in my ordinary life. Others reporting their own evidence taught me that faith needs to be verb. My growing list of Gratitude is what helps me actually leap in faith. Not just in faith, but with an active attitude of Trust. Trust is, I think, my second strength.

Trust was something I had very little of, until I tried replacing my Will Power with Higher Power. The fruit was immediate and confirming when impossible things became possible with God. It became obvious that EGO meant Easing God Out, and that I needed to get out of God’s Way. Now, I surrender my “self” daily and gladly, trusting God and entrusting my cares in prayer, which I think is my third strength: surrendering to God’s Power.

It looks like my three greatest strengths are Gratitude —> Trust —> Surrendering to God. What about you? Chime in if you care to share. It’s a safe place to say what you mean and mean what you say without having to say it mean. FYI, this photo is of a plaque that was given to me by my true Sister and Friend in Christ, whose nickname is QZ, a person dearly loved by me (and God) forever and ever amen.

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  1. I’m feeling pretty cruddy right now in the physical, but I am JOYed by your comment. You are a whole different man, Budd, a New Creation in Christ. I wish my Sister Woman Friend could see what the Lord has done… Meanwhile, I just know God HAS got this well in Hand….xoxoxo

  2. Wow, Whit these are 3 of the my prayers of strenght in my 4×4 prayer.The first half of my 4×4 prayer is about my estranged wife’s heart. Her heart has been veiled in darkness and strange behaviors of pride, selflessness and anger. The second half of my 4×4 is the following:Lord, I trust you in all matters; Lord, I submit myself to you right now; Lord, I’m thankful you are my God; Lord, I reject the Spirit of fear. So, it’s interesting how we both have broken down to want He wants from us day in and day out. My day would be empty without my prayers and communication with our Lord since my love for Him grows with each passing day. May God continue to Bless you and your family. In Jesus name, I pray Amen.

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