Shaking Into Waking?

Thanks to Step One, I finally saw myself as powerless over other people, places, and things. This was revelation, they told me in the rooms of recovery, and they encouraged me to accept the evidence of my powerlessness as actual fact.

I “came to” and began to gather evidence in Step Two that my job was simply to ask. As I did, I garnered more proof that God is able and eager to help me. I was actually getting actual help that actually helped!

This accumulation of evidence increased my ability to trust, which made Step Three easier for me. I began to (to at least try) tapping into God’s Power rather than my own. The results (not always immediate) became obvious. It was so OBVIOUSLY better when I let God manage things. Now I know that “letting go and letting God” is always preferable to trying to manage things by my “self.”

What think you about the 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3 of the Recovery Waltz?!? Chime in if you care to share. FYI, this image was posted on Twitter.

4 Comments on “Shaking Into Waking?

  1. Your comment this morning is SO encouraging, Budd. The LORD is really on the move down here, which I will explain when we talk. He’s got some PECKING(s) started, and is working all these to good, and I mean ALL things. Call whenever you want or can…

  2. WE ARE FAMILY of the Supernatural kind. Thanks for faithfully publishing this Blog and Recovery in the Bible. It is thought provoking and most important Holy Spirit led. God Bless you my sister.

  3. Thank you for this comment, Budd. It really is amazing, isn’t it, to see what we couldn’t see. Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound. We were lost, but now, we’re found. Priceless gift, given us forever. Mind-blowing,isn’t it? I am so grateful that you are finally IN Christ, and that, by His Holy Spirit, He is increasing every day in you. We were family befere, but now (I am singing) “We are Family!”

  4. We are worthy of His love; my rocovery has been in Him and through Him and by Him. I also had to hit rock bottom in order to discover my Mount Everest, reaching and teaching me His ways to the highest. He has taught me through weakness I’m strong, through quietness I’m enlightened. The whole point about hitting rock bottom is so that we are to look up to Him for help through His love. I can’t believe how empty I was without Him. Now I can firmly say that His holiness has permeated my mind, my heart and my soul.

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