Okay To Be A Carrot?

Halloween used to be for “kids of all ages” to dress up as someone/something they are not. My annual costume has been a Native American dress, plus a feather in a headband. Last year, my son told me that my costume was “appropriating someone else’s identity” even though I actually do have Indian DNA (albeit not enough to claim to be Cherokee). So, I put the feather away and got rid of the dress.

Now here comes Halloween again, and I’m not going to be wearing a costume. Political Correctness is ruining it for me, though our community is quite like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. We have different skin colors and ethnic identities here, but we are living together as friendly neighbors, more the same than different. It’s a place with tribes without tribalism.

Yet, even here, our Trick-or-Treaters were mostly Super Heroes last Halloween, plus a bumblebee, as I recall. I don’t even want to play when all I can envision is a sea of Super Heroes plus maybe a carrot or two. It’s probably okay to be a carrot. Or maybe it’s time to tear down Halloween?

FYI, this photograph was posted on Twitter by Mindfulness Wellness.


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