Glimpses As Scene?

I woke up to an image of a hand with a “snow globe” in its open palm. There was no tiny cottage inside the globe; there were no gently floating flakes. Instead, there were planets and stars and even solar systems, and I got the message: “He’s got the whole world in His hand.”

First impression: one hand. Second impression: the hand is holding a “world” unimaginably larger than the tiny drop called Earth. Then came an even more mind-blowing impression: God can see drops that are within drops, and the drops within those drops. God can see molecules within molecules! We are told that God knows each of us by name, even the number on each hair on our heads.

How can a human mind even begin to comprehend that? My answer? Can’t. But we can get glimpses. For me, they tend to come as pictures: glimpses as “scene.”

Chime in if you care to share glimpses you have “scene.” FYI, this photograph was the first Tweet in my timeline this morning, posted by @ramblingsloa.

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