A Campfire Called Recovery?

I always loved campfires: sitting around them in the night, telling stories and singing in harmony. Now it seems I’m all about fire.

My Fire. With my voice and pen, I tell on myself. My books share what a mess I was facing and what happened next; my blog posts do the same but in the present tense. I want to share with such honesty that others will, too. I want my fire to inspire your fire.

Your Fire. Everybody has a story to tell about some worst thing turning into the very best, how an agony was turned to triumph, or a mess became their message. I help people publish those kinds of stories. Campfire stories: strange but true.

Our Campfire Stories. I recently revamped my website to encourage gathering around Him (and in Him and by Him) to tell of HIs works and sing His praises. My favorite campfires are Twelve-Step meetings because that’s where people share their God Sightings. I need to hear true stories, hot off the press!  Stories of Divine Reversals (think reversals of fortune) are what best fuels my faith into a TRUST to go God’s Way instead of my own. Reversals of fortune abound from doing that. My purpose in life is to tell of God’s works and sing HIs praises because why? Because “I can’t, but God can, and look what happens when I let Him.”

Chime in if you care to share!

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