Going Where?

Yesterday, I asked this question in prayer for a Brother in Christ who is still trapped in a valley of uncertainty, totally unsettled by circumstances that hit him suddenly like a squall, but then stalled like a hurricane after making landfall only to crawl its way inland, dumping itself out to the detriment of many. Today, I ask this question for ourselves as a huge hurricane heads toward the East Coast where we live. What I am hearing from Heaven is the same answer: watch and wait, trusting Me to lead you safely to the next best thing.

Years ago, my husband said, “It’s unsettling to be unsettled.” And we laughed out loud, though our possessions were in boxes we were storing in someone’s basement for what turned to be a full year. It was a scary year, living like gypsies and finally moving in with my parents to regroup, which we (miraculously) did. It sure didn’t look like the LORD was helping out, but now it does, and He sure did. “Going where?” has become my daily question, even as we shelter in place (unless and until the track of this hurricane changes course).

The answer comes for me each day in the Wind. I live Spirit-led, not tossed about, but being gently carried into the next best step, one step at a time. Yes, it is unsettling to be unsettled! But, for me, it only appears to be unsettled; it really is not. Because this I know:  I will follow The Shepherd who has earned my trust. What about you? Chime in if you care to share! FYI, this image was posted on Twitter by WrtrStat.



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  1. Well, under a false sense of a new and improved website; I drafted up comments to this post without saving as I have in the past only to have them wiped out by the enemy. The victory over the enemy is near as he will not overcome Whitney’s need to have a safe place to tell stories of Divine intervention. So, I will try this again and not be pulled in by a false send of comfort and “Save” my work as He saved me!

  2. For me, the unsettlement was my life before Christ. Then, as His strong Presence shook my entire soul, everything changed. I had been settling for a life filled with many hopes and dreams as I prepared for retirement. Then the Lord stepped in and said “Not yet. You will not settle for anything less than Me and my salvation.” Proverbs 25:8-10 spoke to me this morning as I reflected on my current situation trying to divide assets that had once been part of my retirement dream of happiness (or what I thought would be happiness). Now, I’ve learned that my true happiness is not in those dreams, but in the love, the rest, and the peace of in having Him in my heart. He is leading me from “happy” into JOY as I retire my being to His will and His way. Surrendering my “self” to Him has changed everything.

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