Is This A Test Track?

Someone placed an interesting comment on my website the other day, essentially contemplating whether this life might be like driving on a test track, whether the Bible is like Consumer Reports for us in publishing God’s test results so anyone can learn that God doesn’t crash His people into walls. The comment says, “God helps us know when to accelerate, when to slow down, when to brake, when to anticipate flying debris, and when best to swerve out of the way.” The commenter goes on to say that God’s Way is the only one that matters.

I agree. God knows the Way and wants me to trust Him. Enough to give Him the wheel! Driven by His word and His spirit, the Bible says I will discover how to enjoy the the ride, no matter how challenging it gets. Now that I know I am safe (and being carried to safety), I see this is how to drive and, not only that, it’s also how to pass the test.

Thanks to my Brother for posting this thought-provoking comment. Please chime in if you care to respond, no matter WHAT you think! FYI, this photograph was posted on Twitter by I LOVE NATURE.

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