The Curse Reversed?

Watching a film called “The Shack” the other day, the character called Papa (aka God) said to the grief-ridden MacKenzie, “You misunderstand the Mystery.” I can identify! There is so much that is mind-boggling to my human mind and heart, and I definitely do not claim to understand Almighty God entirely. If I did, I guess I’d be God.

I am, however, more comfortable with Mystery now, and I feel encouraged by God to inquire, probe, ask about, and poke into all that puzzles me and/or eludes me completely. I feel that trust was God’s main hurdle with me. I didn’t trust God at the outset; I didn’t trust anybody! Looking back, I can see how God earned my trust. By evidence! By making ancient tales come true in my actual, personal, real life. God gave me first-hand experiences of the Bible as true. I have experienced the Burning Bush, the Passover, the parting of the Red Sea; I have even been fed in the wilderness. I have been in the Fiery Furnace and emerged not even smelling like smoke. Modern-day me marches around Jericho every single new day, praying that God will bring the fortress walls to come a’tumbling down, and I stand amazed every time they do. So many “tall tales” have been brought to life in my reality. A quick brainstorming of my past brings to mind ancient tales that have happened in my actual life:

The Two Trees in the Garden-The Serpent’s Lie-Noah’s Ark-The Rainbow Promise-Leaving Ur-Issac on the Altar-Burning Bush-The Parting of the Red Sea-Song of Miriam-Wilderness Wandering-Manna, Quail, and Water-Crossing the River Jordan-Jericho-The Promised Land-Fed by Ravens-The Raised Ax Head-Death in the Pot-The Fiery Furnace-The Lions Den-Chewing Locusts-The Miry Pit-Advent-The Manger-Emmanuel-Sheltering Wings-Hinds Feet-The Road to Damascus-New Song-Crucifixion to Resurrection-Pentecost-Risen Life

I have never looked at my past quite like this before: at the many ways God has conveyed Truth so my human mind could grasp things yet unseen. So many Bible stories have happened to me that I now trust God, despite the fact that I don’t understand every jot or tittle. Even crucifixion is mine as I “die daily” and arise again as a New Creation in Christ.

What think you? Chime in if you have experienced the Bible personally. Or not. The Question Corner is a safe place to engage in honest conversation about the claims of Christ. Even unbelievers are welcome to comment here.

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