DOG Spelled Backwards?

The neighbor’s dog visits here on school days, which is an excellent way to have a dog (no vet bills, no toenail clippings, no need to ask permission before planning a vacation). This dog is so tiny that she seems more like a cat or a mouse, little Chi-Wa-Wa who, remarkably, neither yips no yaps. In fact, she doesn’t even bark. At all. Ever.

To ask for what she wants, she does the most endearing thing: she stretches her four-inch arms upward (her ears are the same length). With her arms outstretched, she listens to my queries and squeals when I guess it right. In return, I outstretch my arms to her, providing whatever she needs, and gladly. Delighted to do so. Maybe it’s just another way of seeing why DOG is GOD spelled backwards.

Chime in if you care to share! FYI, this photo was posted on Twitter by Land of Cuteness.


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