Between What and What?

The story of Abraham’s lying to Abimilech seems (to me) illustrative of the fine line between Planning and Projecting. The former is a positive, like a call toward the light; the latter is a negative, like a prod by fear that something “bad” might happen. I find it almost funny when, just a few chapters later, Abraham’s son echoes his father’s lie exactly, also to a king named Abimilech. Apparently Issac became just as fearful as his father had become, and was similarly prodded into self-protection.

Because this same lie happens twice within just a few pages of each other in Genesis, I am inclined to think God might be underscoring an important distinction. It could be why the third line of the Serenity Prayer asks God for “the wisdom the know the difference.”

But what wisdom? And between what and what? For me, it’s wisdom to seek God’s Way and follow it instead my own. I can have Divine Intervention every day, if I will allow myself to seek it. I can obtain the courage I need to walk in trusting obedience versus walking in fearful projection. It’s my free choice. I can learn to depend on God — or not. It seems the choice is mine to make.

Chime in if this question resonates with you! FYI, this photograph was posted on Twitter by Freaking Awesome.


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