A Joyful Journey?

Today I am full of thanksgiving, grateful to be learning to discern my next best way to go, one step at a time. It’s an adventurous Way to live: intentionally inclining my ear to Wisdom and the eyes of my heart to looking for it. Who knew to cry out and look up? I didn’t! But then, I stumbled into Twelve-Step recovery and onto a path that has Light every step of the Way.

For years, I had been following arrant stupidity down paths full of twists and turns. They were like mazes (maybe they WERE mazes!) but there was no cheese at the end of any of those tunnels. No cheese, no cheese, no cheese! Nevertheless, I earnestly persevered, doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results. I guess I was believing the old adage that, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” It didn’t say “Try again the same old way,” but I failed to notice that fine point.

Looking back, I can see my precious energy was being frittered away as I was led down paths leading straight into weariness and frustration. It was arrant stupidity on my part to keep trying: trying harder, trying louder, trying and trying, and then, trying yet again.

Today, I consider it Wisdom to try it differently. Life under Futile Efforts is what led me to become teachable and willing to learn to discern. The results are remarkable. I can now see things that were invisible before: that there is wisdom and then there is Wisdom; that there is what’s Best and then there’s what’s Good Enough, that there are Futile Efforts yielding rotten fruit and then there are Fruitful Lives that are led by the Spirit.

Chime in if YOU have found this Way of Life to be an exhilarating and joyful adventure. Or not!


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