Babble On?

I have been called to come out of Babylon (aka from any place where God is ignored, mocked, despised, and/or denied). Proverbs 1:31 continues this urging, calling me to come away from those who hate knowledge and do not choose to fear the Lord, from those who will have none of His counsel. It says, “Those who despise His every rebuke shall eat the fruit of their own way and be filled to the full with their own fancies.”

Current events are convincing me that God means it: that, for me, it was Wisdom to follow God out of Ur, so to speak, though I did not know where following God would lead. It has turned out to lead into excellent land and a safe place that is free of worry about either the present, or the future, or about anything in all creation ever having the power to lure me back into Babylon. It is easy to recognize places where people are following human wits and lower case wisdom, where everything is chaotic and divisive, where people just babble on and on.

I choose instead to live in the land of Step Eleven, where I can readily connect with God to receive knowledge of God’s Will for me and the Power to carry it out. It’s amazing to me — and paradoxical –to be both concerned and free of care. Care full and care free — at the same time! It makes me wonder: could this be The Promised Land?

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