Seeking Solace?

Today in “Jesus Calling,” our Lord reminds me to pray “I trust You” in response to WHATEVER happens. He says, “This will help you see Me in every situation, acknowledging My control over the universe.”

I have been learning through 12-Step recovery to embrace this practice of getting out of God’s way. Apparently, it’s an “if-then” proposition: IF I will let God be God, THEN miracles can happen. Fear has always been a biggie for me, but if I can remember the benefits I have derived from having sought God’s help in the past, then fear’s grip on me is loosened, and I can get free of it. After years of practice at doing this, I no longer see adversity as bad. I now see it as an opportunity for God to work it into something good for me — namely, an increase in my trust of God and my ability to entrust everything to Him.

Nevertheless, I find myself depleted after every battle. It helps me to remember Jesus after His baptism and forty-day fast: how the devil came to Him with temptations and twists and turns of “the screw.” As Jesus battled by countering the enemy’s half-truths and lies with nothing but the Truth, even He got depleted. The Bible says that, in the aftermath, angels came and ministered to Him. If Jesus needed to be replenished, then surely, so do I.

And so I give myself full permission to lie low after any skirmish. I am no longer shy about asking for heaven’s help to come and minister to me. This is my latest understanding of the word “retirement.” I have retired from being tired! Replenishment what I need in order to arise again — refreshed, replenished, and ready for the next go-round. Knowing this consoles me when I come upon a new adversity and want to run away from it. Instead, I thank God for another chance to practice saying out loud (and on the spot), “I trust You, Lord.” Because I do — from all this practice!</p>
<p>Chime in if you have something to share about trusting God in the midst of trouble. How do YOU seek solace?

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