Simple Gifts?

Last night, my husband and I were given the simple gift of Music Night. This was a particularly thoughtful choice because, ever since we moved down South, my singing voice has been rusty and hoarse. I felt like music, for me, was breaking. That fear grew when we purchased an excellent digital piano that now needs a small (we hope) repair, but scheduling that repair is still pending. Then we rented a cello for our Christmas tradition of singing carols, but the instrument that arrived was so out of tune, we ended up replacing all the strings.

It seemed like music, for me at least, was breaking. Until last night, when our brave son broke the sound barrier, and we had a Music Night with moments of harmony that were iridescent. The music came back! It wasn’t broken after all. What a relief, and what gift: a priceless memory that I especially will cherish forever.

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