Mess To Miracle?

It took 37 years before my life began to fall apart, and when it did, I found myself helpless and hopeless, at my wit’s end. That’s when I first discovered that GOD was right there, right there with me: in the mess, offering to lead me into freedom by not being in charge anymore. I was like high-spirited horse that needed to be broken. Ever since, I have been learning how to submit my illusions of strength and let God be God instead of me (mere me). Now there is a garner of evidence that this Way works much better for me than my old way ever did. It’s paradoxical, but I have proof that admitting my powerlessness is what taps me into the Highest Power.

That’s why I recently re-issued my book “Whit’s End” with a new subtitle, indicating that word “breakdown” can also mean “breakthrough.” In it, I have included a new section of Reader Comments. Here’s one from Susan I. Cross of San Diego, California:

“Whit’s End, The Biography of a Breakthrough reads with a continuity that allows the reader to flow along with the author’s recovery, as if in a side car. It allows the reader to be the viewer of her life without having to feel like they must do the same, but instead gives a glimpse of the possibilities.

Whitney McKendree Moore provides a very non-threatening way to observe how undoing one’s own story may actually be worth the journey; seeing how peeling through each layer of our lives can actually be tolerable and, surprise (!) make it possible to enjoy all of life’s challenges as we allow ourselves to be led to a more rewarding and wonderful place.”

So, if you are feeling tempted to throw in the towel, please check out this book on Amazon. I wrote it so people like me would not give up but would, instead, cry out to discover Help that is right there, right there, totally able to make a mess into a miracle. For me, it’s also about carrying the message: telling of God’s works in my life; sharing my miracles because my personal experience might encourage someone else. Here’s the url:

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