Is Silence Empty?

This photograph was posted on Twitter with the caption, “Silence is not empty; its full of answers.” Thanks to @ramblingsloa for posting this claim! For me, it underscores that it’s okay to have doubts. Because doubts lead to questions, and questions (I have gratefully discovered) lead to answers — if only I will shut up and listen.

Self prefers to veto and even hip-check such explorations because it prefers “Me, Mine, and My Way” to the High Way. This was true for me until I felt my heart aching, like a pulsating abyss. I began considering (albeit ever-so-slightly) the claims of Christ. “What if it’s true?” I began to allow. What if Christ came to satisfy and gratify the yearnings of the human heart?

All I did was ask, “What if it’s true?” And the Light of Christ gently filled “the room” — not overnight, but soon and very soon. Eventually, the Light dispersed the darkness, and I saw, and I sorrowed. And then, the weirdest thing happened. My self and all of my long-held, strong opinions got crucified; all were hanging from the Cross. Then arms extended to me in welcome, and I fell into the embrace. It felt as if I’d been raised from death into New Life, because I had been, and I still am. I know that now I have all I need if I commit keep seeking the silence, asking my questions, and listening for answers.

Answers (I am gratefully discovering) are like manna from heaven which I can receive like fresh bread every morning. And so I do. These daily posts are my efforts to share whatever I am given with others who are seeking to show up and shut up to listen and learn.

Chime in if you, too, have a Direct Connect to the One who made you. Also, if you can, say something about how you discern who is talking…


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