Is Your Cage Being Rattled?

I agree with the definition that happiness depends on happenstance, and Joy does not. Oswald Chambers says that Joy exudes out from every cell of the body; that happiness looks more like the painted face of a circus clown.

Are many settling for less than Joy? If so, then it is the gift of God to disturb that superficiality. Solomon seeks to rattle any such cage, saying that lesser gods and manmade idols lead no one to Joy. Eventually, he says, fame and fortune, and ruling others, and being ruled, and art, and even following every whim or whimsy is meaningless, vapid and empty. It all ends up tasting like gravel in the mouth, eventually.

If that’s true, then it is a gift when God starts rattling a cage. Could it be the gift of Christmas? The gift of Christ borne outside the Inn of a human heart, awaiting an open door from the cold night air?

Chime in! Here at The Question Corner, it is safe to share, even if you are grinch about Christmas.

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